Resources for PyLadies Singapore

Here you will find all tutorials and slides from our past workshops.

1. Python Introduction

Our first workshop shows you how to install Python, and essential tools like virtualenv, virtualenv wrapper, and as your editor.

There isn't much Python programming involved, but it gives you the tools to start your journey!

Find the slides at

2. mkdocs Introduction

Our second workshop was about creating a website with mkdocs, and host it for free on GitHub.

By the way, this very website has been created during the workshop. And you can find the code on

Find the slides at

3. Python 101

Our third workshop was about the basics of Python programming. We finally wrote some actual Python code and a little program that does something useful!

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Other Friendly User Groups

Python is not the only interesting programming language out there. If you would like to broaden your horizon you can meet these other friendly user groups: